This is something I wrote a few years ago in a very difficult time. After reading it again today, it felt like something worth sharing. I no longer “choose” my friends. I let God choose them for me. I don’t ever see people as different, only the same as me. Both needing the Love that only Jesus has to offer. If we are not moved by His love first, we move in our desires and our best wishes. Being moved by the love of man fails, being moved by Jesus’ love in us, moves the mountains from where they stand. 


We Are Not That Different…Written By Brittny Stewart 2018

We all have a story to tell.  All stories are filled with tears, laughter, disappointments and success.  Not one person has lived life without feeling lost or alone. Not one person has always felt understood by the world.  

We are who we are. A beautiful and yet flawed race. We create beautiful things out of nothing and even the most beautiful thing can fall apart into shards of something that used to be great.

I am among the rest of the world.  Beautiful in my own ways and greatly flawed in almost every other way.  

You may see the world in hues of purple and orange, but I see it in pink, blue and yellow. Your greatest accomplishment could be my greatest fear. My greatest joy, the last thing you would ever want to do in this life.

 My friends are each my friends for a reason. I don’t choose friends by their looks or their status.  I choose my friends by their hearts and their love.  They each tell a story and I value their tears, I value their weirdness and who they are to me.  I value my friends by their failures and how they put themselves together after they have not met success in the way that they hoped.

 Life is not what any one of us have hoped and I am sure even the ones deemed the most successful in life, have a secret longing in their heart to be different than who they are. 

Don’t believe the lie that you are alone, because you are not.  You are not alone. If the world were to turn into a blob and get sucked up into the sky tomorrow, was my dream to be rich and famous?  Was my dream to have people envy my lifestyle, or was my dream to impact as many lives as I can. To bring in the outcasts and hear their story and offer emotional shelter. To give Love unconditionally to the ones who need it the most and to those who need it the least. May I never be the one who turns a blind eye to the one who looks different, acts or talks different. Never, will that be me. I have a story and just because mine is different than yours, does not mean we are different.  We are human together, we all need to be Loved and accepted. We all need the ones that pick us up by our suspenders and tell us to walk when we don’t think we can.

I won’t make it in life without them, without you.  Be different, just be you, because the world has a lot of “them” but there is only one of you.

Breakthrough - 01

by Brittny Stewart | The Breakthrough Sessions