I admit it! I’m a Star Wars geek. I have consumed all parts of this fantastic story created for us back in the 70s and continuing now well into the 2020s. My introduction to the saga happened before I met Jesus. If you would have asked me back then…”what’s the big deal?”…. I may have talked about the special effects or the cool characters or the underdog fight of the would-be heroes. Today, I would answer that question differently.

I still watch and enjoy the immersion in the fantasy story of Star Wars. I love being part of the rush to be the first to take in the new storyline invented with each new release. However, I see the story differently now. I know a different motivation for the attraction to the story. It’s the Force. 

This seemingly invisible thing that influences the universe for good. This mysterious battle for good and evil that takes place in a different realm. A thing that regular people have access to and can benefit from in their everyday life. And all throughout each story there is a constant theme of those in the know attempting to convince those who don’t know into an understanding and a trust in the Force. The hero of each story is pointed to a person but, inevitably, it is that person’s trust in the Force that brings the hero status. 

As I was doing my life, I now know that there were people who were in the know about Jesus who tried to tell me about Him. After years of brushes with His force I finally accepted Jesus as my Savior…my force! I understand the supernatural spiritual battle of good and evil. I benefit in my everyday life from knowing Jesus. I now know that His force is THE FORCE what gives you and me our power. It’s an energy field created for all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds eternity together.

When I watch Star Wars I celebrate the spiritual pounding on the person who does not know Jesus yet (the pre-Christian). We are made to know Jesus. We are made to understand how He works and how our relationship with Him works. We are made to long for, relish in, and depend on His force.

Now, I’m not saying that Star Wars is a Gospel in ANY FORM. I’m simply saying that Star Wars exercises the spiritual muscle needed to make the hyper-jump into a relationship with Jesus. If Star Wars helps introduce a fantasy force in such a way that I can have a conversation about the real Force that exists in Jesus…then, I’m happy. Our world is hard. Isn’t it amazing that He gives us tools to help us, and others, see His beautiful, amazing, strong, satisfying, and complete light? 

May the fourth be with you…and more importantly…MAY HIS FORCE BE WITH YOU!.

Breakthrough - 01

by Brittny Stewart | The Breakthrough Sessions